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Finally SoulCraft THD runs on Ice Cream Sandwich (coming thursday!)

SoulCraft is optimized for Tegra 3 and it really runs best on these devices. Actually our favourite playing device in our office is the nice Asus Transformer Prime running on Tegra 3. So it was really annoying when we noticed that SoulCraft no longer runs on it after we have updated the device to ICS. Since almost all Tegra 3 devices run on ICS this was really bad.
We tried to fix the problems for a few days as fast as possible until we realized the problem is not under our control. We are using quite a few third party libraries for SoulCraft and one of these libraries would not work with ICS. Since we do not have the source code of these third party libraries there was nothing we could do but to report the bug and pray :)

Luckily - thanks to the hard work of the third party library provider (and of course our praying) - the error is now fixed and the game runs on very well on Ice Cream Sandwich (see pic). We will ship the fix with the next release on thursday together with a few more great updates :)

Sorry for the delay in making ICS work and looking forward to sharing it with you on thursday!