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New Server is up and running

After a few days of disassembling the old server, grabbing all the spare parts and building a new server and especially raid, the new server is finally done. Most time consuming was the backups, but I only had to check once or twice a day how much has been copied so far. The main Delta Engine server now has a backup raid with 12 TB (mostly old backups from the past 15 years of game development), which is pretty much 100% full and won't be used much except when someone needs some old data. The new raid with 16 TB is almost empty and will be our starting point from now on.

The backup server has another 24 TB for backups. Normally the backup server is at another location, but currently used as a local backup until all data has been copied back. I am trying to keep everything in sync with the new Hyper-V Replication feature in Windows Server 2012.

Some pics from the past days (all hard discs are old discs with 2-3 years, only few have been replaced if they had too many bad sectors):



The last pic is for NIC teaming, which is still pretty much like my server pic I made in 2009, except we don't have many clients and it works much better in Windows Server 2012.