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The Pirate Bay trial

Hi again. I will probably make more blog posts in the near future just about things on my mind. In the past I hesitated to blog about those things because they often have not much to do with game development, but they are interesting topic to me either way.

I set my Skype message to "answer to ea:" a few days back and many people have send me similar funny links. If you want to read more emails those guys received and answered, check out this link:

Then I just found out yesterday there is a trial against The Pirate Bay that has started this week. You can read more about it directly on (lots of Swedish text on that however) or on (nicely written). It is a serious issue for those guys, but it is still very fun to read about it since the lawyers do not seem to understand much of the torrent technology. Here are the articles from the first 4 days of the trial:

Other interesting links about this topic are some pictures of The Pirate Bays servers and the Twitter feed live from the courtroom plus users talking about it ^^