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SoulCraft 0.5.4. released & double Gold for all Beta Users

We have just uploaded SoulCraft 0.5.4. based on your initial reaction to the game. Hope you like the changes and please discuss them with us in the forums!

Please also see our roadmap if you want to have a bigger picture where the game is heading and discuss this roadmap with us!

We really appreciate your support for SoulCraft and thats why we are happy to announce, that all gold you buy during the beta will be doubled as soon as version 1.0 will be released!

CHANGELOG v. 0.5.4
- improve background issues for higher aspect ration than 1.66
- give 3 potions to new characters
- update AdMob SDK and fixed AdMobHelper, ads working now in Soulcraft
- fixed sound metadata loading, add sound length (fixes some sound looping issues)
- improve arena mode, one more wave at the start
- improve idle and won angel animations for metagame
- show controls help screen before game starts
- fixed sound looping bug after level end