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SoulCraft Roadmap

First let me say a quick thank you for the great reception to our SoulCraft beta launch. We are really happy with the amount of downloads and the feedback we get from all of you. Thanks for playing & testing the game and helping us to make the best Action RPG on mobile platforms!

But now lets look at the things to come. Today we had our first big meeting to start with the roadmap of the coming weeks also based on the initial feedback we got from you - the players. We want to make it as transparent as possible to you what we are planning to add to the game so you can discuss this with us and help us prirotize even better. This is not an easy task since we have thousands of things on our wish list and deciding what to do first is really hard. Therefore we decided to make the roadmap public. Please comment the roadmap in our forums. Thanks :)

You will probably also see some features in the roadmap which you rather not have included into the game .. my first guess would be the integration of Admob ads :) (actually they were implemented from the beginning but they are buggy right now). However please note that we need to earn at least our wages to keep the development going and thats why these things are necessary to fund a free2play game. Actually right now we need to do other "work for hire" projects to fund the development of SoulCraft - but of course at some point SoulCraft needs to pay for itself. We hope you will help us to make SoulCraft a success and to find the right balance!

So again - please have a look at our roadmap and tell us what you think in our forums - thanks!