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CeBIT Impressions part 2

Still on Friday, also we guys of the Creepy Towers game team managed to visit CeBIT.

Since we are game industry professional and (mainly) game fans, we spent the greatest part of our time within the two game pavilions.


Many interesting game were played there, mainly for competitions. In the morning we were able to take a look to some players facing tough challanges on League of Legends and Starcraft 2.

Besides those games, we take a first good look at the new Tomb Raider

and to Lara Croft.

But we did not forget about other companies, such as Nintendo, which was having a speech about serious games

Of course, we also visited the remaining part of the convention, but, I am sure that you can read the previous post to get some cool infos about it. By the way, it was pretty interesting and there were plenty of really nice stuffs! I really suggest anybody to take a stroll there!