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Get prepared! The Creeps are coming...

Not much time left before Creepy Towers is released! To keep its halo of mystery on, we will not unveil the precise date yet, but be aware that it is not taking long! 
You will have to fight hordes and hordes of Creeps! To face scary and powerful Villains! To defend yourself from a dark and cruel menace. But fear not, because you will not be alone! Brave and loyal heroes will stand your side: small in size but huge in courage and willpower; they are the Toy Squad!

Creepy Towers and its most epic battles will be available on Android, Web, Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices from the very beginning! But, soon, it will be released on more other platforms too!
Stay tuned for more infos, visit Creepy Towers Website and Like! it on Facebook for being up to date!