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German developer price: Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2005 - Pics

Yesterday was the second german developer price event (german: Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2005).

Christoph (my intern) and me made some pictures. Enjoy! Btw: This pictures are uploaded faster than the ones on That's slow dudes!

We arrived. Unpack everything and letz go! It was freaking cold outside.

This is the "Lichtburg" and the entrance to this big event (last year 205 visitors, this year over 650). The green carpet wasn't really for us, only the camera people were allowed to walk there. Wtf? But we heard that the nominees could walk on into the Lichtburg after driving around in a limosine. ^^

Another view from the inside. We did make it pretty early and had some time to walk around and make some interviews (e.g. with Gamers FM).

This was the cellar where some XBox 360 could be played. But as I said before this was very early in the evening and not much people were around yet.

The event started and we took a picture of the prices, looks like the same ones from last year. Maybe they had some left?

After the first few prices were thrown out to handy developers some drummer guys made really loud music. But we were already drunk and this way the music was fine :)
Btw: Thanks to Dirk who invited me and some programmer from blue byte (man, why did I forget his name?) up to the Microsoft XBox 360 loge. First the hostess wouldn't let us in because they thought Microsoft and XBox are 2 completly different companies and we laught our ass off as Dirk had to explain to them that everything is Microsoft.

Quick wrap to the end, this is the best german game 2005, never heard of it ...
Hmm, what else to say? I think last year the competition was a lot bigger.

This are all the winners from this year, there were 23 prices (last year over 30 I think). They look pretty happy and deserved the prices (ok, for the most part, since I still can't understand why EA gets the community price every year? Maybe you should ask some C&C fans about the "great" support.).
The green prices on the right are the XBox 360 community prices from Microsoft. Pretty funny, the first place was made by the guys how made one of the first mod chips for the XBox.

Some talking at the end, we stayed pretty long till 1 o'clock and talked with a lot of people. On this picture you can see our interns (Christoph and Enrico) talking with Dirk Primbs.

And this is how the 3 hours drive back home looked like when you drank enough.

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