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More Commanders

Last week I've finished up the Rocket Commander Game Programming Video Tutorials. They will be released on the german Coding4Fun Site together with the Launch of Rocket Commander. I guess that will be at the end of this month or in the beginning of march. Anyway, for the last Tutorial I made a cool Mod (Game Modification) called Flower Commander. You can see a screenshot of that game in action on the left side. It took less than 1 day of work. The gameplay is somehow similar to the original game. However the graphics are very different.

This week is the last one for my interns (little shoutout to Christoph Rien├Ącker and Enrico Cieslik) and we thought we could do something cool. My current projects are mostly finished. For example today I finished the 3ds max exporter and importer for my engine, now I hope I don't have to do c++ for a long time. Maybe next week I can teleport myself back to reality with some boo coding and finishing my Visual Studio Boo Language Extension ...

Since I have so much time every day (22 hours thanks to polynapping), it is time to do something. We plan to make another Mod called Coop Commander and it will be finished by the end of this week. Basically it is a multiplayer cooperative shoot'n'up with rpg elements. Kinda Diablo2 in Space ^^ I will post some screenshots from time to time. It uses the basic engine of Rocket Commander and will be freely available like the original game. This are the basic game principles: Similar to Rocket Commander you fly through the space and try to accomplish each mission. There are 6 different kind of enemy units in the game and you can choose from 3 units, which all get stronger over the time and have completly different abilities (rpg elements). The game will be balanced for up to 3-4 players. You can also play it with just 2 players, but it will be hard. Singleplayer is considered to be impossible, you have to meet with other players to be able to fight off all enemy unit types (each unit class has it weaknesses).

Obviously Coop Commander will not be able to compete with any AAA title, but we would like to see if this idea works out and maybe it is a lot of fun to play with your friends some challenging missions. Additional elements, more beta testing, more levels and enemies can be added later. I like the idea of finishing the game in 1 week, but it will be a lot of work (there is no effect system, no unit system and no multiplayer in Rocket Commander and that need to be added).

Polynapping, the second week: Nothing special to report. The last couple of days I slept regulary every 4 hours for 20-30 minutes (never more) and I'm very awake after few minutes when staying up. Going to bed has been easier too, but I still can't go to sleep immediatly (takes up to 5-10 minutes). Another strange thing is the fact I can't remember any dreams, no lucid dreams, no day dreams, nothing. Sometimes I feel like I have slept for several hours and then I look on the clock and it was just 25 minutes. I'm very awake at day and night and neither myself nor anyone else seem to notice anything different about me except the fact that I have go to sleep every 4 hours. But that is only annoying at work (sleeping there is hard because of noise, driving home and back is a pain in the ass).

Thanks for all the emails and concerns other people have with this. I'm not telling anyone to try this for yourself and I was not expecting for this to work. I just was curious and I think it is a very cool alternative sleeping pattern, especially if you are in need of time or want to experiment around. Maybe I will keep doing this for a couple of months and then switch to a biphasic sleep pattern and go back to polynapping from time to time. I'm not going to post much more about polynapping because I think most of the blogs I've posted last week cover all the interessting stuff and I agree with most of it.

Rocket Commander in action:

Flower Commander main menu:

Flower Commander in action:

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