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Playing around with Atlas and Google Maps

I updated the Freifunk-Hannover website and added support for Google Maps. The users can now add, edit, remove and view all the Wifi-Nodes on a cool dynamic map.

I used Atlas to perform some update features and to implement Google Maps (which is just using Javascript and has no support for ASP.NET directly). Atlas (which is Microsofts way of using Ajax/web 2.0 technology) is really cool because you can plug it into any existing ASP.NET page without much work (just a simple dll and couple of new keywords).

This is the website I implemented for Freifunk-Hannover:

I'm also very amazed by the cool new features of Ajax/Atlas/web 2.0, but still it doesn't feel right to wait for the brower sometime. I can life with it when it is just mail, but I don't think the browser is ready for any calender, contact, instant messaging or games in the near future. I hate delays, even the cool Google Suggest Beta, which gives you a nice autocomplete feature for google searches, is in no way as useful as any autocomplete or intellisense on your desktop. The main reason is just the delay and it doesn't allow as many features as desktop applications do. Anyway, dynamic web stuff with Ajax or Atlas is still very cool. Working with Atlas is often much easier than with normal ASP.NET, which is a good reason to use it right now :-)

Atlas technology:
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