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XNA Game Studio Express Beta1 Released

Microsoft has released their XNA Framework and the XNA Game Studio Express (which is based on Visual Studio C# Express). You can now start developing your own games using the XNA Framework.

The download includes some documentation (not much on 3d graphics I have to say) and a pretty cool and interessting Starter Kit "SpaceWar", which is an Asteroids clone with both retro and modern graphics. More content, more help and more starter kits will come in the future.

Sadly there is no direct XBox360 support yet, so you cannot plugin your XBox360 and play your XNA games right now. As stated in the XNA FAQ this will be possible in the near future (next drop in a few months maybe).

Anyways, download the XNA Game Studio out and check it out:

There are many questions in the XNA Boards, a lot of stuff to read ^^ If you are searching for some early XNA Tutorials, Samples and Blog, check out the links in this thread:

Great stuff ahead, but be aware, this is still beta and might not be complete enough for every need. I guess some of the helper classes and 3d graphic classes will be extended and there will be much more help available in the future :-)

I will also blog alot about XNA in the near future, but first of all I need to do more XNA coding and find stuff out.

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