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Most Recently Used Tab Tweak for Visual Studio

While I'm waiting for VS2010 beta today (refreshing blogs and MSDN every few minutes :D), I just found out that you can have your Visual Studio Tabs be automatically ordered by adding the following registry key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0:
  • UseMRUDocOrdering: 1 (DWORD)
Now when you select any tab in Visual Studio it will automatically move to the very front thus keeping your recent documents at the start. It is kinda weird at first, but it seems to be a very useful feature. I like it already :)

In case you don't want to create the registry key yourself and want me to help you out modifying your registry (always a safe idea), just execute this file to do the job:

PS: Since my brother is running a TOR exit node server Google does not like when I do searches anymore because it thinks I search too much stuff now and might be infected with viruses and trojans (yeah, sure ..). I could use Google Custom Search sites like, which return the exact same results as Google, but for now I'm trying out Yahoo once again (was using it a lot almost 15 years ago, when there was no Google). Sometimes Yahoo is stupid and does not give good answers, e.g. searching for "year yahoo was launched" gives you random answers on Yahoo, but google returns the Yahoo Questions link with the correct answer as the first result, wtf?

However, most of the time you do not get stupid SEO optimized search results and totally messed up product searches you get when using Google or Live Search. As an Microsoft MVP I also get asked a lot why I would not use Live Search and Microsoft is constantly trying to get more people (and MVPs) using Live Search, but the results are very close to Google most of the time anyway and the interface is just strange if you are used to Google for 10 years (the English Live Search is actually nice with a new image every day, but the German version is totally messed up, just white boxes??). Yahoo at least gives different results, which are sometimes better, sometimes worse .. Maybe we all should switch search engines from time to time, its really stupid Google has 95% market share here in Germany almost and it returns so crappy results so often (finding drivers has become 10 times as hard in the last years, searching files or torrents is impossible, because you only get SEO sites, no real results, product searches are totally messed up, Google groups is not used much anymore, etc.). Okay, enough ranting about search engines .. time to refresh MSDN again.
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