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Our newest iPhone Game: Lost Treasure

Solve the puzzles to find the lost treasures!

Lost Treasure is a simple but mind-boggling and addictive puzzle game. You have to guide the hunter to the treasures by placing  arrows on the map. If you think you have placed the correct arrows just press go and see if you were right. But beware: each arrow can only be used once, do not fall down the cliffs. Will you be able to find the lost treasures? 

Find the following 50 treasures: the first 5 treasures are free - if you like what you see you can easily buy the remaining 45 treasures via In App Purchase. 
  • Lost Coins (5 treasures, free) 
  • Lost Grales (5 treasures) 
  • Lost Coinpots (5 treasures)
  • Lost Perls (5 treasures) 
  • Lost Diamonds (5 treasures) 
  • Lost Gold Bars (5 treasures)
  • Lost Pyramids (5 treasures)
  • Lost Crowns (5 treasures)
  • Lost Rings (5 treasures)
  • Lost Teasurechests (5 treasures)
Explore several exciting settings 
  • uninhabited islands (free)
  • freezing snowy landscapes 
  • rocky mountains 
  • dense forests 
  • active vulcanos 
Compete with your friends and the whole world
  • Connect with your facebook Account to compete against your friends
  • Share achievements on facebook & twitter 
  • Become the worlds best treasure hunter!

Go find some treasures :)

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