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Visual Studio 2010 Delayed, VS2010 RC coming in February 2010

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It is almost old news that Visual Studio 2010 was delayed from March 2010 to some unanounced date a few weeks later (plus the beta period was extended). However, many people I know are not doing anything with VS2010 Beta2 yet and only want to switch to VS2010 when it is really stable plus many addins are available. As reported 3 months ago (when VS2010 came out in Oct2009) we were pretty happy with VS2010 Beta 2, most things worked just fine, but we could not use CodeRush. Without CodeRush most team members were far less productive, so we switched back to VS2008 after a few days. Since DevExpress has not released a VS2010 compatible version of CodeRush yet (see their 2010 roadmap, CodeRush 2010 will be released when VS2010 is final), we are still using VS2008.


However, I am currently writing an addin for our engine and I really want to replace xunit/ because it just does not work for us anymore. We have a lot of problems with other platforms, with static unit tests, graphical tests, logging, etc. Instead of living or circumventing all these problems (this is what we have done in the last few months) we really want to be more productive and have things just work, which is especially important for unit tests IMO. I like writing VS2010 addins much more than to fiddle around with the VS2008 SDK and since we will switch soon anyway, I will write this plugin in VS2010. In the meantime we will try to use some simple VS macros to accomplish basic testing jobs. I will blog more about this in a bit.


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  • Rory Becker

    1/13/2010 6:25:51 PM |

    Have you considered looking at the CodeRush Unit Test Runner in version 9.3.x?

  • Mark Miller

    1/14/2010 12:09:22 AM |

    Hi Benjamin,

    CodeRush customers can contact and ask to be included in the CodeRush 2010 beta.

  • Mark Miller

    1/14/2010 12:11:00 AM |

    Also, I echo Rory's suggestion about looking into the Test Runner. CodeRush 9.3 includes source for our plug-ins that support the popular test frameworks, so it may be really easy to do what you need to do.

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