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CeBIT 2011 Pictures

The CeBIT is now over. Here are some quick pictures I made in the last few days. I hope you enjoy it :) All pictures are also in our gallery.

The entrance of the CeBIT. The CeBIT 2011 was especially full on Friday and Saturday.

I am preparing for an interview for Microsoft's Channel9 TV. I explained what the Delta Engine is about and showed our flyer and the demo running on several devices. I also talked about developing multiplatform games for a bit.

On Saturday I hold a little speech in the MSDN Tech-Room about Multiplatform Development and showed our Soulcraft Tech Demo. You can find the presentation here. After the Presentation lots of people came and asked questions and we probably had more visitors at our booth than the rest of the week together ^^

Yummy food at Microsoft's Booth. The main topic of the CeBIT was Cloud Computing, but I always thought it is nothing new, we all got our emails in the cloud for 10-20 years. Once we have huge demand on the engine, we will move our build and content servers into the cloud as well, but for now our single server can handle everything with ease.

And here is one extra photo at the end of the week with the other Microsoft Partners sharing our booth at P26.

Text and graphics displayed with just water. Pretty cool and amazingly precise. But someone really wanted to write city in a strange way ;)

Otherwise on Friday and Saturday the crowd went crazy as usual when there is something to win or if they throw a pen into the masses. Lots of colorful booths also, mostly boring business stuff however.

I did not see much hardware, but there were plenty of 3D Monitors (nothing really amazing however) and millions of Android Tablet devices like from this Korean company. At least 10 different tablets can be seen in this picture.

In Hall 19 and 23 lots of eSports and loudness was going on. Players fought in League of Legends, Quake Live, Counterstrike and StarCraft 2 in the Intel Extreme Masters. Because most of this was on Saturday and I had to be at the booth all day I missed most of it :( You can watch the VODs online on ESL however.

Servers and network cabling at the Microsoft booth. Looks much more chaotic in our server room and we do not have this many cables.

In hall 2 there was a lot of Open Source booths, the Linux Tux Penguin, Open Office and stuff like that.

On Friday evening some guys from our team also went to the Serious Game Awards, which was pretty cool, free drinks and food and a good Award ceremony. But otherwise the games were really boring and serious ^^

On Thursday Boje and me also went to the Afterwork Clubbing Party by Microsoft in the Funhouse. The party was huge, with DJs, lots of food and drinks and cocktails and plenty of really drunk Microsoft guys :D

That's it for my CeBIT 2011 pictures. On Saturday evening there was also a nice Get-Together with all the other partners and Microsoft people with some beers and food. After that I just fell down into the bed and slept most of the rest of the week.

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    3/17/2011 1:51:22 PM |

    Schöne Homepage!
    Ich glaube aber übrigends, dass da niemand City falsch geschrieben hat Tong
    Das kommt bestimmt von SoCIETY und soll ein Kunstwort sein für Webgesellschaft ;)

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