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Lost Squadron, Day 11: Another day with the shaders.

Well, this shader stuff is really annoying. I got a new shader for the landscape in a test app working and implemented some test textures there. But when changing the light to a spotlight I ran into many problems, not so easy as I thought. At least I know now how to pass all that vertex buffer data to the vertex shader, but for a ground shader with works nice with all the lights there is still some work to do and I don't have the time for that. So I will skip now all the normal mapping stuff until later when the game is complete. For meshes normal maps are working (at least with directional light), maybe I will use some of that.

Anyways, time is running out, I wrote down all the weapons, powerups and enemies today and created some classes for that, but there is nothing finished yet, so no screenie today. Sorry. Worked the last couple of hours on shader stuff anyway and I told myself it I don't get it working today, I will leave shaders out and add them maybe later.