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Lost Squadron, Day 7: Still struggeling with shaders.

Some internal work for the Editor was done today and I wanted to finish up all this shader stuff, but run again into a lot of problems. Vertex Shaders are really a pain in the ass to debug, everytime anything goes wrong the whole app crashes (I catch exceptions everywhere, but DX will just fail at everything and the app has to be shut down). There are also a lot of problems with the shaders to support spot lights and some other stuff in the engine like blending textures over each other.

Because of all this problems there is no real screenshot this day (with all this shader errors Lost Squadron isn't looking pretty today ^^), but you can see my first shader version of normal mapping on the right. Tomorrow will be the last day I will try out to get this goddamn shaders to work, else I will just leave them out and finish the rest without any high level shader support and maybe add them later ...

Day 7:
Shader test (extra program I wrote), works ok after lot of testing finally, but shader needs lot of improvements to work correctly with spotlights.