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Lost Squadron, Day 8: Editor and more UI controls.

Today was Editor-Day. Our intern Fabian helped my out a little with the map file and we implemented all the UI controls for the Editor, all of them are working now, at least on the UI side. The Map Editor itself will be finished tomorrow, still a lot of smaller things to do before everything can run smoothly.

The UI needed also some improvements, so I made completly new graphics for them and updated all UI controls and added some we needed for the Editor. All this little things, like writing UI code, writing smaller classes for the ground textures, the road logic, neutral objects and the enemy units can really keep someone busy. I still hope the basic engine for this game can be finished this week, so we got next week to make some cool missions and the advanced stuff (shooting, effects, multiplayer).

About all this shader stuff from the last couple of days: I managed to get some basic shaders to work, which is really nice now, but still no clue how to implement all that spotlight normal mapping with alpha blended textures. Maybe I will just use some sort of directional light for the bump effects (or maybe a point light if I can pull that off, but then all the lighting calculation has to be done inside the shader as well, uhh complicated).

Day 8:
Half-time, 1 week has gone by for this project. This is a image of the editor, you can easily create new maps or change existing maps with this nice tool :)