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New Rocket Commander Site finished

I finally found some time to finish the Rocket Commander website. A lot of features were still missing and it makes much more sense to have seperate highscores for each mod (each mod has a completely different scoring system). It is also cool to see who is currently good on a specific map. Maybe you are not the best overall player, but you maybe in the top players for the 'Easy Flight' Mission ^^

I'm also happy to announce that I will create Rocket Commander Video Tutorials in english (for, similar to the ones in german on (check it out if you havn't visit it already - and you understand german ^^). I often get emails or icq message of people who want to do a specific thing like create a simple shader and now I can refer to the video tutorials and don't have to explain anything anymore :)

Btw: Thanks for the many positiv feedback about Rocket Commander, similar to EuroVernichter I see a lot of people playing it, but usually I never get much feedback. For example the boards are not really used right now (the german board has some discussions), but maybe this will start as people run into problems when creating their own mods. Or maybe everything runs so smooth that noone has any problems? Who knows ...

Other than that I'm now finished with all that Rocket Commander stuff and I will continue coding a little Coop Commander this weekend, but other than that I can focus my time back to my regular projects (currently writing a cool shader designer tool, if any of you want to know).

New Rocket Commander Site:
And the same site in the Flower Commander look: