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CeBIT 2006 in Hannover

exDream entertainment will be at the CeBIT again this year. You can find us at the  CeBIT 2006 in Hannover: Hall 27/C29 (Digital Media by nordmedia). The CeBit starts at 2006-03-09 and ends 2006-03-15.

Polynapping: I think I will adjust my polynapping schedule for this week to stay awake for 8 hours over the day. I have several meetings and I don't think it would be cool to fall asleep there ^^ I would bet the CeBIT is also not very polynapping-friendly. Instead of sleeping 6 times 20 minutes I will sleep now only 4 times 20 minutes (evening and night) and before I go to work I sleep 3 hours straight. This will keep me awake for 8 hours (at least it worked today :-) ), then 4 polynapps follow and the same thing starts over the next day. Thats now twice as much sleep as before (4 hours instead of 2-3), but still only half the amount normal people sleep.

Coop Commander: Looks quite good, the game physics and ship control are finished now and it is quite fun to shoot around and see everything exloding. There are still 2 major issues left: Good enemy unit AI (they move pretty stupid right now, either straight ahead or on a collision path) and multiplayer syncronization. Dunno if I can make it this week, but I should have some time at nights with my new schedule to keep working on that.