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I bought an XBox 360 Controller yesterday just for fun. I'm not a console player and I'm not very comfortable with console controllers (they are not very good for RTS or Shooter games), but I thought maybe it would be fun to play Rocket Commander with the new XBox 360 Controller. Especially the rumble feature would make sense if hitting an asteroid.

I've implemented support for the XBox 360 controller this morning with help of XInput, which was pretty easy (there are just 4 methods, I only need 3 of them, thats it). The only annoying thing is that XInput is not available for Managed DirectX yet, only the c++ dll supports it and the beta Managed DirectX for .NET 2.0 dll, which isn't used for Rocket Commander. But importing the 4 methods with DllImport is no biggy. If you want to know more about implementing XInput either check out the new Rocket Commander V1.1 source code or this link:

I was on the CeBIT today and it was pretty interessting, I will be there the next couple of days too. I can be found either running around on the Microsoft booth in hall 4 or on our own booth in hall 27/C29 (esports and entertainment). At microsoft you might see the presentation about and ClubSite4Fun and GameDev4Fun, which contains the Rocket Commander and Flower Commander too. I haven't finished the website for yet, but hopefully I will finish most of it this night.

Thanks to Polynapping I still have some extra time these days, but it isn't easy with the CeBIT and staying awake for longer than 10 hours most of the time. I usually sleep after the fair in the evening for 1.5 hours and before going to it again 1.5-3.0 hours. Also every 4 hours 20 minutes of sleep in the night. Most people ask me if I feel tired all day and here is the answer: No! I'm even more awake most of the time because I feel refreshed after napping or sleeping for a short while.

Back to the CeBIT: On the right you can also see a picture of me in the new Volkswagen car "Eos". Tomorrow I will make some more pictures.

I will post another blog entry later today when the new Rocket Commander website is finished.

The XBox 360 Controller

and Rocket Commander working together now :)

That's me in the new Volkswagen car "Eos" on the CeBIT 2006: