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XNA Racing Game downloads now available on

Nice one. The Racing Game Starter kit for XNA Game Studio Express I made last year is now available on

More information will be available shortly on the in-official website for the Racing Game (link to the xna creators club, screenshots, mod support and forums later):

Enjoy the Racing Game ;-)

My book Professional XNA Game Programming for the Xbox 360 and Windows seems to be out too. I have not received a copy myself yet, but I received some emails about other guys already holding it in their hands ^^ If you try to download the source code for the book from the Wrox website and encounter problems, please be aware that the download link is currently pointing to an older version, which still has some issues. I will try to sort that out as soon as possible. The official release date was 11 May, 2007, but Amazon says it is already available, while their own release date is stated as 30 April, 2007. Confusing, isn't it?

If you find any issues with the starter kit or the book download please write me a message so I can fix it as soon as possible. Many thanks to ZMan (Andy Dunn) for an early bug report.