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Unit testing for web sites

Just found this by accident: NUnitAsp. Seems to be very useful. I was always wondering why TestDriven.NET does not support testing web sites or services. It gives you the following message if you try to run tests from a website:
  • Can't execute tests in 'Web Site' application.
There are probably other reasons why this does not work yet, but maybe it is possible to find a way around that. Currently I use a extra project and call the web site or web service from there with my custom methods. It looks much cleaner with NUnitAsp. For me it would even be better if I could write and run unit tests directly on the website without that extra project. Maybe I should drop Jamie Cansdale of TestDriven.NET a short message asking him for some support in the future for ASP.NET. There does not seem to be anything on his blog about ASP.NET yet, at least the search returned 0 results.

Here is a little example from NUnitAsp, which shows you how to test a label on a website:

public void TestExample()
  // First, instantiate "Tester" objects:
  LabelTester label = new LabelTester("textLabel", CurrentWebForm);
  LinkButtonTester link = new LinkButtonTester("linkButton", CurrentWebForm);

  // Second, visit the page being tested:

  // Third, use tester objects to test the page:
  AssertEquals("Not clicked.", label.Text);
  AssertEquals("Clicked once.", label.Text);
  AssertEquals("Clicked twice.", label.Text);