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Quo Vadis Conference 2007 Photos

Here are some pics from the Quo Vadis Conference 2007 in Berlin (from last weekend).

This is what the Quo Vadis is about, everything and nothing.

Entering Berlin, bigger roads and bigger houses, other than that not much different than Hannover except for its huge size (in Germany we do not have any big cities except for Berlin).

The "Siegessaeule". Dunno whats that is in English, probably Victory Column, doesn't make much sense, does it?

The Brandenburger Tor .. maybe it would be better if I write this blog entry in German.

And the big TV tower in the middle of the city with a rotating restaurant in the middle.

Finally at the Quo Vadis Conference itself. A lot of people are already here, a lot of familar faces, but not many developers from our region for some strange reason, but all the big guys were there.

The game design lecture about Crysis. It was actually quite nice and the Nanosuit looks like a very polished feature. Hopefully the game design will not suck as much as in FarCry for the second half of the levels.

You really had to concentrate hard in order to get Wifi working. With that many people logging onto the same hotspot, it was not very likely that you get any download through in the middle of the day. In the morning and evening the Wifi Lan was pretty fast and useable.

One of the few technical lectures. This is Intel's Core 2 Duo lecture, which was quite technical with a lot of assembler code and internal tricks. It was very informative.

This is the room I was speaking in. It was a little workshop about XNA and I showed some games and showed how to work with XNA Studio Express.

A little bit of the Racing Game.

And here a bit of the Dungeon Quest game I did last month on the GDC in 4 days. Little dark on a projector in the middle of the day.

And some other games. There was also someone trying out XNA as I was speaking. There was not much interaction with the audience because most people had no questions, but I talked my way through it and I heard some positive feedback about XNA later.

Me in Terminator mode at night when we went to the Quo Vadis Party per train. Maybe my cell phone is as explosive as the one from Terminator 3 ^^

At the Party it was loud and hard to speak, but we met a lot of nice people and the usual suspects. Its always good to know what everyone else is doing because most developers you just meet on such events.

And that's it for this years Quo Vadis, 3 days of lectures and workshops, which turned out to be better than we thought. Especially on day 3 the project management workshops were really interesting.