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EuroVernichter v1.3 Update and NormalMapCompressor sneak preview

Hi everyone. The last couple of days this site and some related sites were down because we (exDream entertainment) moved to a new location and hadn't internet for a while. Now everything is back up and working again.

The EuroVernichter game v1.2 had also some troubles with the last static ip we had and now no longer maintain, so it needed an update (it was originally written in 2003). For this reason I've implemented some cool new features and also fixed the online-score reporting, version 1.3 can be downloaded now. There isn't much text in the game and it can be played without much problems even if you don't know the german language.

As stated on the new features are:

  • A new fancy powerup, which allows you to switch all coins of a type to another type with just 1 click (see the screenshot).
  • 5 new hidden ranks, the ranking goes now from 0 to 2000 euros. The old ranks are now reached easier und this brings hopefully newer players into the highscore :)
  • Fixed server-update technique to upload your online score, also a couple of new sound effects for victory and powerups.

I have also been working on another small useful tool, which I will present you tomorrow (with an nice article and sourcecode), here is a small preview:

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