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NormalMapCompressor v1.3 and PDC information

I've updated the NormalMapCompressor program for our graphic artists. While the old version 1.2 did help out a lot for normal maps, it did not compress the diffuse and optional height map required for many models.

The new version has a couple of cool new features:

  • Diffuse, Normal and Height maps are supported now and will be converted for you automatically.
  • Simply load new textures with a drag and drop operation: Just drag the diffuse texture file onto the application and the diffuse, the normal (same filename +"Normal") and the height map (+"Height") will be loaded automatically if they exist.
  • The preview can now be expanded and collapsed. Also added Parallax Mapping support for the preview shader :)
  • Much cooler overall look (previews all input textures now) and much more useable tool for artists.

Download NormalMapCompressor v1.3.
Download source code!

Before installing make sure you have DirectX 9.0c and Managed DirectX. I've tested it only with the DirectX August 2005 version (click here to download).

Update 2005-09-08: Fixed bug with saving (directory wasn't used). Works fine now.

Another thing: I'm going to the PDC 2005 in a few days. I've never been in USA and I am very excited! The great Dirk Primbs (Microsoft Developer Evangelist for Germany) invited me. Somehow Microsoft thinks I'm kinda special and invited me there :)

Well, at least I've done Arena Wars, the first commerical .NET game. I will also present our new game using my new engine (first .NET 2.0 game engine optimized for Windows Vista) to a couple of Microsoft DirectX and .NET guys, maybe I manage to impress them ^^

I will try to take some cool pictures there (PDC is in L.A.) and post about my experiences there. I'm very excited!

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