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English Rocket Commander Tutorials are finally up on Coding4Fun

Good news: The english version of the Rocket Commander Tutorial Videos are now avialable at
Check them out in case you couldn't understand the german ones yet ^^

There are 10 Video Tutorials and a lot of links and help avialable for anyone interessted in game programming. This are the 10 Tutorials, each video is 40 minutes and there are plenty of links and information in the tutorials.

  • Tutorial #1. How do I setup Visual Studio for our project?
  • Tutorial #2. Design and Concept
  • Tutorial #3. Helper classes
  • Tutorial #4. Graphic classes
  • Tutorial #5. Music and Sound
  • Tutorial #6. Shader Introduction (TangentVertex class and FxComposer)
  • Tutorial #7. Shaders (Parallax, Instancing)
  • Tutorial #8. Post Screen Shaders
  • Tutorial #9. Input and Interface
  • Tutorial #10. Game logic and the Flower Commander Mod

Another good news is coming from microsoft, who decided to make all Visual Studio Express editions 100% free (prior to this they were only free to download until October 2006). In just 5 months over 5 million copies of Visual Studio Express were already downloaded, thats really a lot for just a developer tool!

Last but not least there is also some cool stuff coming up tomorrow: 2 new Mods for the Rocket Commander and more cool stuff on

Rocket Commander Tutorials:
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