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New Rocket Commander Mod: Fruit Commander and other cool Tools

I wasn't checking the Rocket Commander for the last few days and today I was adding the new Mods to the Website. I was amazed how many games were played in just 3-4 days (more than in the whole month till then). Seems the Coding4Fun site on MSDN is attracking a lot of people to try it out ^^

I've been working on the Fruit Commander and Pizza Commander Mods for Rocket Commander (sorry for the delay, had a couple of other things to do), they are both similar to the Flower Commander Mod, but more advanced and include a lot of new cool features. The Pizza Commander is still in the Beta-Stage and will be released tomorrow (I think ^^). The Fruit Commander is finished and tested, so why not release it :)

In the Fruit Commander you have to collect as much fruits as possible, but beware: There are also rotten fruits, which are bad for your health. You have also to be careful about the Vitamin levels of each fruit, it will not be healty for you just to collect 1 fruit type (you need all vitamins). There are also a lot of other cool features in the game. Just to name a few: New camera with auto-roll, SpecularMap shader, cool chilling soundtrack, new UI and a lot of game logic changes. The full source code is also provided, check out

Another cool tool would be the Rocket Commander Model Viewer, which allows you to view all kinds of models in the Rocket Commander game and its Mods. It is easy to use and very useful to check stuff out. There is also a and c# Version available and the best of all: It is just 300 lines of code and very easy to understand. I made the VB version just for fun, changing the code into any other .NET language shouldn't be hard either. You can find all download links in the Mods/Other section on the website.
RC Model Viewer Tool:

Again: Check out the Rocket Commander Video Tutorials on Coding4Fun if you haven't already: gamedevelopment/rocketcmd/default.aspx

Btw: Thanks for all the news, blog posts, etc. mentioning Rocket Commander, the website traffic increased by the factor 10 in the last couple of days ;-)

Fruit Commander Main Menu

Fruit Commander Game Screen

Pizza Commander, coming soon
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