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Rest of GDC Pics

Here are some more pictures from the last few days of the GDC. We did not have enough time to go through all the pictures in the last days.

Chris and me are currently working on the last issues with Dungeon Quest, an updated version will be finished soon.

This was at the beginning of Day 3, when we still got over 14 hours left. You can see our sign from the XNA Challenge and a little sign for my upcoming book :)

The Lobby of the Moscone North Building, which was also the XNA Lobby and the place we stayed all day to finish our game. The Gears of War theme music was getting annoying after hearing it a few times, but after hearing it for 4 straight days I guess I need a few weeks of silence before I can ever play Gears of War again ^^

Two of the other teams working hard on their XNA games.

Gabe Ahn from Sony introducing us at the COLLADA round table I was speaking at on Wednesday (left to right): Shaun Leach from Zipper Interactive, Ken Normann from EA (working on the Sims team) and me (some XNA guy from exDream in Germany? ^^)

The panel discussion was good IMO, hopefully more and more people get attracted to COLLADA and start using it for their tools.

The outside world at day 4, it might not look very bright to you, but after 2 days with just 2-3 hours of sleep this looked incredible bright and it was hard to open the eyes out here. But the weather was nice all week and it was warm enough to wear t-shirts all the time except at night.

A picture from Microsoft's XNA Party at Thursday evening. It was still early and we prepared our presentation of the XNA game we did in 4 days: Dungeon Quest. We had many problems in the last two days and just skipped some of our features, but we got it done and it looks really good, especially for the short time frame we had to develop the game.

Christoph and me standing proudly in front of our game at the XNA Party. Many people came and played and congratulated us on the great result.

One final picture from Saturday morning before we were leaving to the airport to head back to Germany. The trip was 25 hours for me and after that I felt as tired as Friday, I probably need to sleep for a week now .. but I got work to do ..