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After the GDC

Just a couple of quick notes. I have been awake for over 25 hours now (all that traveling) and my PC at home does not like my anymore (it just won't go on). I probably have to repair it first thing tomorrow.

- This server (handling this website) was not prepared for the huge number of people trying to log on here and especially not for all the download request. I added a faster server below for the Dungeon Quest Beta download

- The Dungeon Quest game has not been tested well and we turned many features off (multiplayer splitscreen, xbox testing, some shadow mapping, quest solving, etc.) just to make it run at the party at Thursday. Tomorrow we are going to fix all that issues and test a little bit more and then will release the full version, which is hopefully more fun :)

- I need sleep and a computer that works, grml :(

- All the photos we made will be posted tomorrow too (well, not all, its like 200, but we got some nice ones in the last few days).

Thanks to Microsoft for the contest and opportunity and the GDC was a nice event overall (was Chris and my first time going over there). We did not check out many sessions, but there are many clips on GameTrailers, YouTube and probably a lot of papers from the usual sites (gamedev, nvidia, ati, etc.).