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San Francisco Day 1

We arrived yesterday in San Francisco, but we were to tired to upload all the pictures we made (or Christoph made, I just watched him take photos ^^ my cell camera is not that good). But today we got a free day till the GDC, which starts tomorrow. Here you go, enjoy!

Let's go, this is Germany at night, very exciting, isn't it? We started our journey at 4:20 am

If you have read my blog before you already know how the Hanover Airport and Amsterdam airports look like. We did not take much pictures there anyway. The plane ride was long as usual (11 hours alone from Amsterdam to San Francisco) and it was a really long day (~33 hours). This was our plane, a pretty big Boeing 767.

We arrived at our hotel at 3:00 pm and were pretty amazed about the 36 floors.

But then we saw this room. There must be something wrong, we are not the President. The registration gave us the wrong key to a conference room, but we stayed there for a while, took pictures and enjoyed the room and bar ^^

Our rooms were not bad either, pretty nice view over San Francisco.

Our Hotel (The Argent) from below.

And a view over San Francisco at the evening. We spotted the Golden Gate Bridge (right from this picture) and the Alcatraz Island.

And finally San Francisco at night. We were pretty tired by now and I still had to install stuff on my laptop, after merging the 2 HDDs all my data was lost and I had to download and install everything again, but at least the HDDs are faster now (yeah, Raid 0 kamikaze). The Chinese had some parade below us and made some noise, but we were very tired and went to sleep early.

More pictures tomorrow.