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Dungeon Quest - Day 2

Really short post for yesterday. I had not much time today to post and we are half a day behind. But tonight we are going to improve our game a lot.

Tomorrow I will post another screen for today and talk about what happened today (I spoke at the Collada panel, that was a lot of fun and we took some new pictures).

Our Dungeon Quest Game still looks pretty good and we advancing a lot, at least with the graphics. Keep in mind that we started with nothing, no real engine, I have never done point lights before and all the texture and 3d models were created in the last 2 days.

Some parts of the game are also implemented, but we will still have a lot of work to get all the quests, monsters and AI working properly and there are still some heavy issues like implementing shadow maps indoor with point lights (uff) and I still have no idea how to get the split screen stuff working efficiently.

Here is the screen shot for day 2 (yesterday), it shows the player model and the cave.

Stay tuned, more to come!