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Hey Guys, this is something totally different from the stuff I usually post here. My brother started this great project called Freifunk-Hannover (means free internet over wifi in hannover for anyone who wants to participate) and a lot of people have already joined. The Freifunk project is nothing new, it really kicked off in other cities (very popular example is Berlin with over 300 nodes), but there isn't anything like it in Hannover yet, where we live.

Anyway, I helped a little bit out and don't just provide internet and have a few people using my internet and sharing data, but I've also created some portions of the Freifunk-Hannover website. Of course with Asp.Net, the greatest stuff ever ;-)

Here you can see a little overview map I draw for the area I live in with all the people currently participating in Freifunk-Hannover:

If you live in Hannover and are interessted, check out Freifunk-Hannover (german), else you can always go to the project website (german again) or international sites like WSFII or

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