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Pizza Commander released!

Hey Rocket Commander players, a new Mod is out: Pizza Commander. It is a lot of fun and the most advanced mod released yet. More information and the downloads can be found on


  • Lots of new models, check them out with the ModelViewer
  • New sounds, very funny ;-)
  • New camera controlling and better collision detection
  • The fly (tm) ^^
  • Lots more, just check it out.
  • Almost 20 000 Rocket Commander played online games right now, Wow!

No more Rocket Commander mods for me now, if you want more: Write some yourself :-)
I'm working on my Boo addin for VS now (in my free time, this blog is always about stuff I do on my free time, sorry can't tell you the ubersecret real projects yet ^^).

Btw: My polynapping attempt this weekend failed. I couldn't stay awake for more than 1-2 naps and had headaches after staying up too long. Have to try it again sometime in the future.

Pizza Commander:

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